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"Living with and despite the Alzheimer's disease" Award Ceremony

On the 27th of November 2012 at the European Economic and Social Committee (Brussels),  in partnership with the Fondation Médéric Alzheimer, Elisan organised the Award Ceremony of the call “Living with and despite the Alzheimer’s disease”. The award and the event, introduced by Laure Batut (EESC), aimed at stimulating and sharing innovative initiatives carried out  at local, regional, national and European level about the Alzheimer’s disease.


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Award Presentation

Alessandro Pigatto

Conference "Energy for all: what role should the EU play and what steps should it take?"

On the 27th of November in partnership with the European Economic and Social Committee Elisan organised the  European conference “Energy for all: what role should the EU play and what steps should it take?” How to help the most vulnerable to cope with increased energy costs. The conference gathered more then 120 stakeholders and participants representing public and private sector from local and Regional national and European Authorities.  Among the speakers the President of the European Economic and Social Committee Mr Staffan Nilsson. Following this event  recommendations were issued. 


Please find here below the presentations and other useful documents of the conference.

Conference presentation


Stéphane Buffetaut

EU initiatives to tackle energy challenges 

Staffan Nilsson

Jan Panek 

Michel Lebrun

Fuel poverty and local social action

Christian Ragger EN

Christian Ragger IT

Marie Autonme Thepot

Jim O'Sullivan

Erwin De bruyn

The use of Structural Funds

Maud Skaringer

Raymond Hencks

Energy in the context of intergenerational solidarity

Stéphane Joly

Roberto Vidori

Elisan Recommendations

Bright Ideas



The Elisan network (European Local Inclusion and Social Action Network) and the European and Social Committee have the pleasure to invite you to the European Conference "Energy for all: What role should the European Union play and what steps should it take?", that will be held on November 27th 2012  • 9.00 – 17.00 • at the European Economic and Social Committee, rue Van Maerlant, 2 – 1040 Bruxelles - Room VM3 (2nd floor, Bâtiment Van Maerlant). 

Between 50 and 125 million European citizens are affected by fuel poverty. Bringing together all stakeholders, this conference will look at proposals for immediate and more lasting solutions.

On the basis of successful experiences, the conference will seek to come up with solutions for various administrative levels. The different aspects of energy poverty will be discussed (housing, health, social exclusion, etc.) in order to find tailored solutions. Apart from addressing the urgent problems confronting the most vulnerable and users' rights, the conference will seek to make consumers "stakeholder citizens" in energy issues.

Alzheimer’s prize award 2012 “Life with and in spite of Alzheimer's”

During the Conference, at an official ceremony to be held at 12 noon, we will have the chance to reward innovative and effective initiatives which, as part of efforts to deal with Alzheimer's disease, seek to encourage elected representatives and professionals providing care at home or in care facilities to improve the quality of life of people with Alzheimer's and their loved ones.

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The Elisan conference will be combined with the Third annual conference of the Observatory of Energy and Hydric poverty organized by GDF SUEZ and Electrabel on Wednesday, November 28th, 2012 from 8:30 to 13:30 in Brussels. This symposium will be an important moment to discover many initiatives focused on better understand and fight against precariousness energy and water. Presentations, testimonials, roundtables and exchanges will animate this edition. 

For more information: [email protected] 

YOUTH MEETING, Cre-active Young Citizens - 2nd Edition

The Regional Ministry of Social Affairs of the Veneto Region, the Regional Observatory of Social Policies and the municipality of Caorle with the collaboration of the European networks Elisan and Ensa, in the framework of the European for Citizens programme, invite you to the 2nd YOUTH MEETING, Cre-active Young Citizens that will be held in Caorle on September 24th 2012.

What opportunities for youth? This is the focus of the meeting, with the launch of calls for proposals related to entrepreneurship and employment, active citizenship, film making, music and moments and spaces of debate alternated with performances and entertainment made by and for young people themselves. This meeting will be also an important context to stimulate transnational exchanges contributing to develop a sense of belonging to common European values and encouraging the process of European integration.


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Meeting reconciliation between private and professional life 10/02/2012

The Elisan Network, the Regional Ministry for social policies of the Veneto Region and the Regional Observatory on Social Policies have the pleasure to invite you to the European conference on the subject of reconciliation between private and professional life. The event will take place in Padua on February 10th 2012. The aim of the meeting is to promote an innovative organisation of human resources in work, in enterprises, in the public and private sector in order to answer family flexibility needs.

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8 Novembre 2011 - SOCIAL INNOVATION

Find more about the ELISAN conference taht took lace in Brussels on 8th November 2011

European prize on energy poverty : how to get out ?

The European local inclusion and social action network ELISAN, and the corporate Foundation GDF SUEZ commit themselves to fight against this problem and launch a call for European experiences. The call for experiences is aimed at collecting the most efficient and innovative initiatives launched at local level to fight against energy poverty : preventive measures, specific tools, trainings and so on.

Award ceremony : 13 December 2011
On December 13th, 2011 in Paris: the winners will be invited to share their projects during the second symposium organized by the International Observatory for Energy and Water Scarcity GDF SUEZ

For further information - Kristine Stempien : [email protected]

2010 - Crossborder cooperation in Europe - Courtrai - Belgium

To go to the report of the meeting, click here

2010 - Social issues, a real investment against crisis - Brussels - Belgium

To go to the report of the meeting, click here

2009 - Social dimension of territorial cooperation

Find the speeches, pictures, recommandation of the network of the conferance held at the comittee of the regions in Brussels by clicking here.

Elisan newsletter

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