.: European social innovation

... Many European local authorities are implementing innovative projects on social issues. In doing so, they provide creative and innovative responses (indicators, tools, experiences, etc..) to social needs in Europe ... These innovations empower people, create new social relationships, develop new modes of cooperation ...

This bank of experiences of social innovation aims to promote actions implemented by local and regional authorities in the field of local social action: initiatives, projects implemented to meet specific local needs, often through innovative solutions.

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The step towards employment
SWEDEN - Municipality fof Varberg

BASIC LIFE- Basic Web 2.0 Skills by Learning in Family Environment
European project Grundtvig - Romania


MUSICC - Multi-Sensory Information On Climate Change

Housing and social supervision of asylum seekers from the roma community of Kosovo
France - CCAS of Tours

Social services for elderly immigrants
France - CCAS of Clermont-Ferrand

Social micro-credit
France - CCAS of Dijon

FORUM Health and welfare « Take care of oneself »
France - CCAS of Montbéliard

Reorganization of the management of home care services : quality
France - CCAS of Albertville

Organization of an itinerant team to help women victims of domestic violence
France - CCAS of Montpellier

House for seniors
France - CCAS of Nice

Control of energy, awareness of wasteful, behavior to gain from an early age
France - CCAS of Evry

Grèce - Municipalities of Heraklio Attikis

ENPATIC Project : Improvement of the quality of life at home thanks to new technologies
France - CCAS of Grenoble

Micro credit for Roma migrant population
France - CCAS of Brest

For better management of adapted homes in social housing
France - CCAS of Aix en Provence

« TV Seniors», a local tv for seniors
France - CCAS of Romans

"Des maux sources de mots" From suffering springs words
France - CCAS of Saint André Lez Lille

Self assisted rehabilitation
France - CCAS of Mureaux

Roma Employment initiative (REI) project
Croatie - Municipalities of Cestica, Petrijanec

DESIGN FOR ALL / Awareness activities on the concept of people with disability and a universal design
France - General Council of Val de Marne

Training : communicate with people suffering from Alzheimer
France - General Council of Val de Marne

Modernization of home assistance services
France - General Council of Val de Marne

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