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19/03/2013 - Conference “Quelle solidarité pour les plus démunis après 2013”

UNCCAS and PARLEMENT EUROPÉEN - Bureau d’information en France
We have the pleasure to invite you to the conference “Quelle solidarité pour les plus démunis après 2013” that will take on the 19th of March 2013  from 9.30 to 12.30  at the European Parliament in Brussels.
This exchange is organised by the UNCCAS in collaboration with the French Information  Office of the European Parliament and the support of Elisan. The focus of the meeting will include  the future European Fund for the most deprived after 2014,  social innovation and the European Social Fund after 2014.         
The announcement by Lazlo Andor, the European commissioner,  to  create  a European fund for the most vulnerable, shows the willingness of the European commission not to definitively bury  the aid provided since the 80's, but to set it up in a different way with several priorities, with another budget format, with new grant conditions.  Of course it is a step forward, but stakeholders, including Local authorities, need to be mobilized to have the aid provided (116 millions of European citizens at risk of poverty), in the best conditions! The new European Fund to help the most vulnerable is one of the main concerns of the Elisan network and its members this is why this  European interactive event will be organized in Brussels.
Here is the link for the compulsory registration and the draft programme:  http://www.unccas.org/jsolidarite/
PAY ATTENTION: Limited places are available and the access to the European Parliament follow  strict regulations.
Note that the event will be held in FRENCH
Don’t hesitate  to raise awareness about the conference and the issues at stake (dissemination of the invitation, put it on your websites and in newsletters).
Looking  forward to  the pleasure of welcoming you!

With the support of Elisan - European Network for Local Inclusion and Social Action Network

27/11/2012 - Conference "Energy for all" and Alzheimer Award 2012

On the 27th of November in partnership with the European Economic and Social Committee Elisan organised the  European conference “Energy for all: what role should the EU play and what steps should it take?", how to help the most vulnerable to cope with increased energy costs, and the “Living with and despite the Alzheimer’s disease” Award Ceremony.

For more information please click here

24/04/2012 - Award call for nomination 2012

Award call for nomination 2012: Living with and despite Alzheimer’s disease


Improving quality of life of people with dementia and their health care assistants either at home or in care homes.
In the framework of the European Year on Active Ageing and Solidarity between
Generations and of the Innovation Union, the Fondation Médéric Alzheimer and Elisan have decided to launch a Call for awards. To read the award call click here.

All application should be presented on the specific application – form downloadable on www.osservatoriopolitichesociali.veneto.it and www.ensa-network.eu.
The application form shall be written in English or French.
The application should be sent by mail to [email protected] and
[email protected] before 11 July 2012.

21/03/2012 - Energy Education

L’éducation à l’énergie : reconsidérer les priorités !
ELISAN a participé à l’audition publique organisée par le Comité économique et social européen, à Bruxelles le 12 mars dernier. L’éducation à l’énergie était au cœur des débats destinés à alimenter un avis qui sera rendu par le CESE courant avril. La participation d’ELISAN et de l’UNCCAS a porté notamment sur l’attention à porter aux publics vulnérables et notamment les difficultés premières qu’ils rencontrent à savoir le paiement de l’énergie. La variété des actions de sensibilisation menées par les collectivités locales et leurs partenaires associatifs a pu être évoquée, notamment au travers des expériences européennes récompensées en décembre dernier. Pour en savoir plus sur l’audition, cliquez ici
Télécharger le texte de l’audition ELISAN/UNCCAS

15/11/2011 - EUROPEAN AWARD - Energy poverty - CLOSED

The award ceremony will take place on 13rd december in Paris

21/09/2011 - The distribution of food products to the most deprived in danger !

A "little reprieve" for the European program for the distribution of food for the most deprived since the Council of Ministers of Agriculture held on Tuesday 20 September, merely postpone the decision to the end October. Remember that this program has existed since 1987, allowing humanitarian organizations to help the poor and that the budget of 500 million in 2012 will be reduced by 75% if an agreement is not found. Reason ? The decision of the European Court of Justice issued last April decalred this aid as illegal. Six European countries continue to block. ELISAN reacted very quickly and communicated its concern about this situation, by sending a letter to MEPs.
Press release European Commission
Mercedes Bresso, president of the committe of the regions
ELISAN letter to MEP's

01/03/2011 - European platform against poverty and social exclusion

The European Commission has published last December 2010 its communication on the European platform to combat poverty and social exclusion. It is one of the seven flagship initiatives of the strategy Europe 2020. This platform is not intended to create a separate organization, but to propose to member states a "framework " multifaceted and designed to achieve the targets of the 2020 Strategy is to say 20 million people living in precarious and less so by 2020.


Part of a strategy of smart growth, sustainable and inclusive platform aims to promote such innovation and social experimentation, the reduction of poverty in the various forms it may have, throughout the cycle life, it is also interested in new forms of "precariousness”. Member States will submit in the coming months their National Reform Program to the European Commission.


 The Commission wishes to promote innovation in social policy, using small projects to test new policies or reforms. This should allow each Member State to benefit from the experience of others, to improve its social policies and strengthen their impact.


For further information:

15/01/2011 - EUROPE 2020

ELISAN calls for more social, more innovation!

In its recommendations concerning the strategy EUROPE 2020, ELISAN sucks that the social dimension of the EU strategy is not limited solely to the field of employment and the fight against poverty but applies more broadly, the social and professional inclusion of all people in need. To do this, the social dimension must be integrated more transverse in all policies (horizontal social clause).


02/01/2011 - Bank of experience - Social innovation

Discover the new project files on-line
Design for all / Concevoir pour tous – CG val de Marne

16/11/2010 - PRESS RELEASE

Remo SERNAGIOTTO, new president of ELISAN

Elisan newsletter

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