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23/12/2013 - PLAY EUROPE Project: a 3 days meeting on youth leadership and work-family balance

ELISAN, leader of the Play Europe Project (EU for Citizens funded), involved European young people in the elaboration of a European Social Agenda for 2027.

ELISAN, in collaboration with Veneto Region - Social Services Ministry, organized a very intensive 3 days event in Villorba (Treviso, Italy), in the framework of Play Europe project (http://www.playeurope.eu/), an initiative funded by Europe for Citizens programme and focused on the promotion of youth leadership at EU level, including the drafting European Social Agenda for 2027 to be planned by the young people involved in the project activities. More than 40 international participants attended the event each day, travelling from Belgium (Kortrijk / Brussels), the Netherlands (Rotterdam), Greece (Alimos), Croatia (Istria Region) and, of course, Italy (Veneto Region). The event, focused on the family – work balance issue, included some interesting training sessions, where young participants received some crucial answers to the following questions “what does being a leader means?”, “which are the main characteristics of a leader at EU level?”. Ms. Silvana Tiani Brunelli (Podrasca Research Center, www.podresca.it) and Mr. Stefano Carbone leaded the discussions with young participants, by mixing desk training and practical workshops, while a group of experts presented the 5 main project social issues: youth employment, youth inclusion, youth participation &volunteering, work family balance and creativity & culture. The event has been introduced by Mr. Mario Modolo, director of the Social Services Department of Veneto Region, who presented the new and innovative Family Regional Law, the first regional law in Italy including all the family – related policies and intervention, and saw the participation of M Piero-Luigi Fratini representative of the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) which is responsible for the management of certain parts of the EU's programmes in the fields of education, culture and audio-visual. 

18/11/2013 - Elisan annual Conference


Brussels, 18th  November 2013

"The challenge of youth unemployment in Europe can be won only with the courage of ideas." From Brussels the Minister of Social Services of the Veneto Region, Remo Sernagiotto, as chairman of Elisan, European Network for social inclusion active since 2008, focuses attention on the strategies needed to solve a problem that involves significantly large Member States .
The issue of youth unemployment, along with that of policies for reconciling work and family life, has been the focus of the annual conference of Elisan , which was held today at the Committee of the Regions .
The conference was attended by the European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, Laszlo Andor, which has highlighted the package for youth employment proposed by the Commission and in particular the system of Youth Guarantee, to give a job offer qualitatively good within four months of leaving school or when they are unemployed. A system that should be financed with a budget of € 6 billion in the next Multiannual Financial Framework , through the European Social Fund.
"Youth unemployment is not only bad for the individual, and bad for their families, but also a waste of valuable potential for society as a whole. We need to actively help young people to either find a decent job straight away or to learn more skills in order to get a decent place job in the future."said Commissioner Andor .
A purpose supported by the Veneto Region and the network Elisan, which, however, raises the need for concrete actions and focused on the person: "The financial instruments will not be enough if we do not return to a central vision of the person and the family, as well as a redesign of the pace of work" said the president Sernagiotto .
According to the estimates reported by Eurofound, 14 million Europeans aged between 15 and 29 years do not have a job or are following a training program. The economic cost of non-integration of young people into the labour market, in addition, is more than € 150 billion a year, equal to 1,2% of EU GDP .
The President of the European Economic and Social Committee, Henri Malosse, has expressed his support for the work of Elisan: "This field should be guided by only one watchword: innovation and investment to end an intolerable situation for young people and their families that is threatening the cohesion of society."


01/10/2013 - Elisan Annual Conference

You are invited to the Elisan Annual Conference

Investing in smart ideas
for youth employment and integration and Work- Family Balance policies

With the participation of:

László Andor - European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion
Henri Malosse - President European Economic and Social Committee

Monday November 18th 2013

Venue: Committee of the Regions 

Rue Belliard 99-101- 1040 Bruxelles Belgique

Room JDE 51, 9.30- 17.30

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15/11/3013 - Play Europe: first project meeting

In the framework of the Play Europe project, the Veneto Region will organize the first project meeting on 18-19-20 December 2013 in Villorba, Treviso.
Young people coming from the 5 countries involved in project (Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Greece and France) will attend the event and work on several themes such as leadership and the future European Social Agenda 27, with a particular focus on the issue of the work-family balance, the main topic chosen by the Veneto Region.
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31/01/2014 - Play Europe project.... Kortrjik Belgium 20-22 February 2014

While young European leaders involved in the project are working hard on the elaboration and drafting of the contents of the two strategic documents of the project on youth leadership and the suggested social agenda for 2027, the second project meeting, that will be held in Kortrijk Belgium from 20 to 22 February 2014, is approaching.
The meeting will be focused on the subject of  youth inclusion. The participants will work at different levels developing  approaches and tools to ensure an efficient an effective   involvement of youth at risk.
Of course, also on this occasion young people will be protagonists  responsible for elaborating  proposals, ideas and new strategies. To follow us please visit www.playeurope.eu

10/09/2013 - Alzheimer Award 2012 - Brochure of the initiatives awarded

In the framework of the call for award ”Living with and despite Alzheimer’s disease Award 2012 - Improving quality of life of people with dementia and their health care assistants either at home or in care homes”, Elisan and the Fondation Médéric Alzheimer have edited a Brochure detailing the initiatives awarded and pre-selected.
We would like to thank again all the applicants and congratulate them for their relevant and effective engagement in the field of the Alzheimer disease. 
Download the document EN, FR, IT

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Considering the findings from the report 2012 on the evolution of the social situation and employment in Europe, this one shows an increasing rate of unemployment, a significant risk of poverty and social exclusion rising for European citizens and a decline of household incomes. Socially, Europe is going wrong!

This report is accompanied by other annoying other news such as the term in late 2013 of the European food aid program for the most vulnerable whose number is still increasing!

This observation shared by all European members should not leave us unresponsive, or let us sink into moroseness and inaction. On the contrary, it should encourage, at the eve of 2013, to move from political will in to action!

If these elements actually reflect a continuation of the crisis and its social and economical impact, the fact remains that proposals are emerging and need to be taken up and defended.

We will particularly highlight the important role that will have to play local authorities in their respective member states regarding the coming implementation of cohesion policy and its programming period 2014-2020! The Europe 2020 objectives require a mobilization to have social inclusion and fight against poverty and exclusion omnipresent and to better answer the needs of the population in term of accessibility to rights and social services, to trainings and so on.

The announcement by Lazlo Andor, European commissioner of the creation of a European fund for the most vulnerable, shows the willingness of the European commission not to definitively bury the the aid provided since the 80's, but to make it  reborn in another format, with several priorities, with another budget format, with new conditions for granting and so on. Of course it is a step forward, but stakeholders, including local authorities, needs to be mobilized to have the aid provided (116 millions of European citizens at risk of poverty), in the best conditions!

Social innovation and experimentation will also be at the heart of the programs after 2013. They should permit to promote exchange of experiences but also to gather together stakeholders on the territories to develop local social action concerted.

New working opportunities are now opened to reinforce the European social pillar and to answer the challenges faced by our societies.

Patrick Kanner
Vice-president of ELISAN
President of UNCCAS

* http://ec.europa.eu/social/main.jsp?catId=738&langId=framp;pubId=7315

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